On old Olympus towering tops, A Finn and German viewed all hops!

In my post about Joan’s look at the latissimus in relation to length and width, I mentioned Dart’s spirals and nerve/reflex patterns.  I kind of made up the term nerve/reflex pattern to describe a view of anatomy that Alex is a proponent of and that, I think, he got interested in from Dart.  What I mean with those words is the collection of cranial and spinal nerves and what they innervate the muscles to do.  By adding the nervous system to learning about the muscles, it becomes obvious that everything works as a whole in relationship and that it’s useless to work on coordination by engaging isolated muscles.

In writing this post, I looked back from my email and found so much information from Alex on it, I can’t decide which to post.  I’ll start with the facts about the nerves and some diagrams of them.  First, The title of this post is a poem Alex uses to remember the cranial nerves. 🙂

A diagram of cranial and spinal nerves (most of these are also available on Anna’s site (www.atanatomy.weebly.com):

Scan 24Scan 27

Here is another diagram of the cranial nerves:


Alex even went so far one time to make a t-shirt with a map of the dermatomes 🙂

T Shirt - Dermatomes

I’ll write more soon about how Alex relates the cranial and spinal nerves to what he knows about a child’s development.


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