The Vitality of Alex

I started to write a post yesterday to explain what I meant in the latissimus by nerve/reflex patterns (and I will eventually post it!).  In writing it, though, I started to veer towards the territory of Alex enthusiasms, and I couldn’t figure out how to fit everything, even though it was one topic, into a post.  It felt like a good example of Alex’s energy – boundless when it comes to the Alexander Technique and topics in which he’s interested.

Anyone who has met the Murrays is always impressed by their living example of how fulfilled people can be when working on something that is fascinating and their life’s work (and how “joint-surgery-free” people can be even in their late 80s when they give attention to their use for much of their life).  Much of the inspiration for this blog comes from Alex’s constant veering into various trajectories related to the Technique, and you will see that as I post some of his past and recent interests in the next couple of days/weeks.

Occasionally he and Joan talk about how they first encountered Dart and his ideas.  It was Alex’s questioning of Frank Pierce Jones’s (whose writings and ideas he adores) idea of a specific balance point in the head and how that could be possible if the jaw moves, that led Walter Carrington to ask him if he was reading Dart.  He went on then to read some of Dart’s writings related to the Technique, and he and Joan then met him in London when Dart was passing through and Walter Carrington was out of town.  They tell the story with a little bit of humor about how Dart was disappointed that he was seeing them instead of Walter.  Then they met him again and showed him what they had taken from his writing on developmental movement, and the rest is history!

So much to tell!  Now I’ve veered off too.  I’ll leave you with two videos of Alex that I hadn’t watched in a long time until drafting my original post last night. They are of Alex and me at a conference where he spoke about Dart’s work and how Joan has developed it at the chair.  It perfectly displays his darting mind, love of keeping things light and humorous, and enthusiasm for what he does.  Hope you enjoy!  (And by the way, I was perfectly comfortable in fetal/primary in the chair, although it looks like a long time!)


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