More from the Institutes

Here’s another sheet from the “Institutes” that shows different stages of development with a couple of notes from Alex:Institutes sheet-p1

He was interested recently in something that Luria (a student of Nicolai Bernstein) wrote about inhibition starting to be present in children around 3.8 years of age.  A student on the course, Yvonne (who helped me tell the following story), brought her Alexander-Technique-teacher sister, Juanita, to the Murrays’ for a week, and Juanita told a story about her niece and inhibition:

Juanita was on a business phone call when her granddaughter, Jada (3 years old), came in very excited and wanted to tell her something.  Juanita told Jada that she was on the phone and asked her if she could wait for a few minutes until she was done with her call.  Jada is really a well-behaved little girl, and she nodded, yes, she would wait, with her big, bright eyes just bursting to tell her the news.  She sat there quietly for just a matter of seconds.  As soon as Juanita turned back towards the phone, Jada would start to tell her story again.  This was repeated several times, and Juanita realized that she didn’t have the ability to inhibit for more than a few seconds.  A good example of how inhibition is developed over time in humans!


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