Up Out of the Hips

Joan talks about getting people up and out of the hips and how Marjorie Barlow showed it to her.  Because Walter Carrington had broken his hip during the War (due to a faulty parachute when having to jump out of a failing plane), I think he wasn’t able to have normal use of his hips.

Anyway, once you get the experience of being up and out of the hips compared to down and into them, you will never want to go back!  So many people push into their hips for whatever reasons modern life gives us to distort our poise – often these days it’s phones, of course!

Here’s a video I made for the Daily Procedures, Part 2 post to see something Joan does when we’re in “hands on the back of the chair” to get us out of the hips: she has us straighten our legs and let the knee release away from the hip without dropping it down.  Here’s the video:

Joan has talked before about her daughter as a toddler looking through her legs and thinking it was so fun to say hi through them.  That is an example of them developing the thrust to be up and out of the hips.  Below is a picture of my niece playing around at an outdoor yoga class that perfectly shows her thrusting her legs up from the ground, pushing her hips up and back, and balanced between her head and hips:IMG_0741

Also when we talk about the Jimmy and Johnny videos (on Anna’s weebly site) in class (from a McGraw study at Columbia Presbyterian), Joan often says she can hardly bear to see Jimmy, who is perceived as weaker.  And she feels that if someone could have given him the experience of thrusting from the feet as an adult, which children often do as they crawl up stairs (in another video of my niece below), he wouldn’t have such a hard time going up the ladder (at 12:54), for example.

And that’s a happy baby, especially happy when I helped her through the gate!


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